Research to Value

Translating research portfolios into well-defined commercial opportunities

Who is this programme for?

Research to Value is designed for teams of 2-3 people to work together to understand, appreciate and put a value on the commercial potential of a research portfolioA member of Professional Services staff and a Researcher they nominate will work together to understand how to articulate the breadth of opportunities in a research portfolio and put a value on them.     

It’s ideal for Professional Services staff who support researchers to take their ideas through a commercialisation pathway, support the protection of IP and ultimately realise long term impact.  It’s targeted towards researchers that feel they have significant possibility to generate socio-economic value from their research and lack the skills, time or resource to make it happen. 

The programme is designed for all disciplines and is suitable for all types of socio-economic value from research. 

What do you learn?

The programme is designed to help Professional Services staff and researchers develop the skills to explore research portfolios in a structured way to identify and define commercial opportunities.  

Professional services staff will learn a reproducible process they can apply when supporting researchers interested in exploring commercial opportunities. Researchers will learn a process they can apply to their existing research portfolio and future research to maximise commercial opportunity. 

Professional Services


This programme take a fresh approach to feeding the pipeline of commercial opportunities coming from our research base. I hope participants will learn some new tools and techniques, strengthen relationships with researchers to identify new leads, and influence the complex culture for innovation in our universities.

Dr Orla Kelly

Knowledge Exchange & Innovation Collaboration Manager
(University of the West of Scotland)

How does it work?

This is an interactive cohort-based programme that takes the teams through a structured process to define commercialisation opportunities within their research portfolio.  There will be participants from HEIs across Scotland taking part and this will enhance the sharing of best practice across the ecosystem. 

The programme offers a blend of front-led content to explore key concepts, breakout space to allow the teams to work together applying the knowledge and then share learning and progress with peers in the larger group.  There will be application activities to undertake as a team between sessions (no more than 90 minutes recommended). 

What are the programme outcomes?

Participants will realise a measurable change in their knowledge and confidence in critical areas that correlate to applying the innovation process to:  

  1. Identify new commercialisation opportunities in existing research portfolios.
  2. Define opportunities so they can be valued and evaluated.
  3. Using these defined opportunities to inform resource allocation to optimise ROI.
  4. Map routes to commercialisation, identifying how to progress opportunities.

The Commitment

The programme is delivered as a series of bi-weekly workshops and application activities. 

Workshop 1 - Explore
(16th April, 1:00-2:30pm)

Learn and apply framework for interrogating a research portfolio and create a number of potential opportunities to explore further.

Workshop 2: Idea Generation
(30th April, 1.00-2.30pm)

Learn and apply a framework for defining commercial opportunities.

Workshop 3: Discovery Planning
(14th May, 1.00-2.30pm)

Teams work together to create a Discovery Plan for their top idea. They learn how to identify key unknowns and techniques for making the unknowns known.

Workshop 4: Recommendation & Next Steps
(2.5 hours, 28th May, 1.00-3.30pm)

Teams present their ideas, recommended next step and share what they’ve learned.

Registration closes 22nd March

There are limited spaces on this programme so register your interest early.

The programme is delivered by Skillfluence Ltd.

Skillfluence is a UK-based skills development company with a mission to help researchers deliver maximum socio-economic value from their research, while realising their life and career goals. Over the last 8 years they have worked with over 80 universities and delivered programmes for more than 20,000 researchers, academics, PhD students and professional service staff.
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