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Research Commercialisation Accelerator

The Research Commercialisation Accelerator is an interactive programme that provides researchers with a framework, toolset and skills to help them jump start commercialisation activity and thinking. This programme is designed for researchers working in Social Sciences or STEM who are actively exploring opportunities to commercialise their research or are interested in learning more about how to engage in the commercialisation process for future projects. The programme offers a blend of group working with peers, individual self-study to explore key concepts and application activities designed to apply principles to live projects as appropriate.


The programme is organised into 6 modules, typically run on weekly cycles over 6 weeks. Each module includes self-study elements, a live on-line workshop with peers, application activities and a “Commercialisation Journey” conversation. Below is an overview of the key topic areas covered in the programme.


You’ll learn a framework and process for translating a research project into a possible commercial opportunity. We explore the fundamental elements required for a viable commercial opportunity.  We then apply this thinking to a research project, equipping you with the skills to apply this thinking to your current and future research projects.


You will learn a framework for identifying the most critical risks related to your opportunity and how to apply a structured process for quickly addressing these risks in order to validate the potential for your opportunity. You’ll learn a set of specific tools and mindsets that will help save you valuable time, money and effort as you embark on your commercialisation journey.


Customer Discovery is one of the most powerful tools for identifying opportunities, reducing risk and building momentum. You’ll learn a process for conducting effective customer discovery, including how to determine who to conduct discovery with, how to set up meetings, how to plan for the meetings, how to conduct the meetings and how to interpret the results.


Your network is one of your most valuable assets and it’s even more important in relation to commercialisation.  A strong network can help to accelerate learning, open doors and help support you on your journey in a variety of ways. In this module, you will learn how to strategically build and leverage your network to support your commercialisation goals.


There are many different routes and models for commercialisation. In this module, you’ll explore different models for maximising the commercial value of your IP. You’ll consider what is most appropriate for your specific opportunity, as well as what approach is right for you personally, based on you career and life goals.


Pitching is a critical part of the commercialisation process, whether it’s pitching to investors, writing grant proposals, pitching to customers or partners or pitching internally for resources.  In this module, you learn how to craft & deliver a compelling pitch, how to modify the pitch for different situations and a framework for continuously improving your pitch.

Programme Structure

The Research Commercialisation Accelerator is a rich, varied and engaging skills development programme. The course is hosted on our e-learning platform where you can access course content and downloadable resources.


Multimedia content covering key concepts, frameworks and principles. This includes video lessons, recorded interviews with subject-matter experts, selected readings and links to externally hosted materials. You have access to this material throughout the programme.


Interactive Zoom-based group workshops that give you the opportunity to activate tools and skills with your peers in a supportive environment. We apply a range of tools to support group work and collaboration, including online breakout rooms, virtual whiteboards and digital collaborative spaces.


Each module includes at least 1 application activity. These activities encourage you to apply the principles and tools to your situation. The application activities are optional for the participants, however they are strongly encouraged as it helps to solidify the learning. 


You have access to a range of downloadable resources throughout the programme, including PDFs of presentation slides, worksheets & templates and a selection of short texts. These materials become a valuable part of your resource & skills toolbox.


Commercialisation Journeys are facilitated group discussions with individuals who have successfully commercialised their research.  We explore different commercialisation journeys from the perspective of the researcher.  This provides participants with first-hand accounts of the good, the bad and the ugly of commercialisation. The conversations are both inspirational and practical.

Custom Programme Elements

We’ve designed additional programme elements that are often included to further enhance the learner experience. 


You receive one-to-one coaching immediately relevant to your personal situation. This helps you build momentum in relation to a specific commercialisation project or challenge. This provides an opportunity to gain additional insight, receive individual feedback and progress a specific project. Coaching is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development and can have a significant impact on your progression after the programme.


Horizon Scanning is a structured process designed for individuals and teams relatively early in the commercialisation process. It guides teams and individuals through a process of discovery to identify opportunities for commercialisation.  The process leads to a number of specific opportunities for commercialisation of existing research, or the outputs can be included as part of grant funding applications.

Time Commitment

Expect to spend 2.5 – 3 hrs per week to successfully complete the programme. This includes 2 hours of “live” activity per module, with the rest of the time spent on self-study and application activities, which can be completed on your own schedule.

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