Design Thinking for Researchers

Solve complex problems

Amazing delivery, very engaging, insightful and extremely useful information that has given me so much confidence to be able to digest and deliver on any project. This course has helped me overcome the challenges I currently have with my research questions – I feel so elated.

Kemi Deru-Mijinyawa

Teesside University

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for researchers interested in learning how to develop more effective and relevant solutions to real world problems.

Design Thinking is a proven methodology used by designers to solve complex problems – problems with varied stakeholders and hard-to-define outcomes. 

Programme participants will be introduced to Design Thinking in a context that is relevant to university researchers. Using engaging, interactive approaches, participants explore the key elements of the Design Thinking process.

What do you learn?

An intellectually stimulating and highly interactive workshop bringing an evidence-based approach to design thinking for the real world.

Participants will develop familiarity with the key principles of design thinking, gain a practical understanding and be equipped with a toolkit of approaches that can be utilised in both research and development and with industrial partners.


Whatever I intend to design, I will need to identify the stakeholders and put them at the centre of the design, from the beginning to the very end.

How does it work?

The programme is an engaging short programme which explores the application of key principles of design thinking through discussion, group work, practical examples and the opportunity to connect your learning with your own research project. 

A programme workbook supports the content delivery and gives participants a point of reference from which to test and apply their learning in their workplace. 

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