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Who is Skillfluence?

Hello, welcome to Skillfluence!

Over the next few weeks, our blog is going to be reintroducing Skillfluence to the world. We want to tell you our story, how we have evolved and, most importantly, how we can help you.

To start us off, this post is going to cover who is Skillfluence and what we do.

Founded in 2016, Skillfluence is a professional training service provider, offering programmes to improve transferable skills to PhD students and early career researchers. Our training aims to provide participants with the skills and confidence to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Our Values

At Skillfluence, we have 6 core values that we feel reflect our company and how we want to interact with the world.

Each time we work with you, we want to create a meaningful relationship. By committing to these values, we are promising  to deliver excellent customer service in a fun, safe and rewarding way.

Our Programmes

We’ve created a portfolio of programmes, blending industry professionals’ experiences, eLearning and interactive group work. This creates a learning experience that not only sharpens skills like communication, engagement and networking but also grows the confidence of participants in themselves.

We want academics to know their true potential. Our programmes target an array of issues academics are facing, allowing participants to learn a range of skills to help with commercialisation, collaboration, and innovation.

Although our participants are researchers, we work directly with researcher development teams, CDT and DTP Managers, and Impact Accelerator Accounts (really, anyone who manages the development of researchers!). We enjoy a collaborative approach and together, we will determine the most appropriate training programme for their research staff. We offer fixed and bespoke products, with programmes being adapted to suits the needs of researchers across all disciplines.

Throughout our programmes we feature guest speakers with diverse skillsets to match the specific needs of the participant’s. Our extensive network of speakers from academia and industry share their knowledge from their real-life experiences to help researchers reach their full potential. Along with speakers, there are interactive activities and eLearning – all of which can be delivered online. At the end of each course, participants receive a certificate of completion.

The Researcher Development Community

From working with Researcher Development professionals (RDP), we wanted to create a space for knowledge exchange from fellow RDP. We are creating a community of RDP to facilitate discussions and provide support amongst our clients. For the past two years, we have been hosting free CPD Webinars on relevant topics that allow for discussion as well as support from colleagues. We’ve also been trialling some ‘Coffee Breaks’ – shorter, more informal virtual networking events to keep everyone connected when remote working makes that difficult, despite it being more important than ever.

Skillfluence does more than provide training. We prepare our participants for the next phase of their career – whatever that is. We are empowering researchers to realise the social and economic impact of their knowledge, research, and skills. Along with this, we are supporting the people who support them – the researcher development professionals – by providing topical discussions and a network of peers.

We hope this has given you more of an idea of who Skillfluence is and what we do. If you have any more questions, contact us for a chat.

Join us next week as we take longer look at why our founder Alison felt there was a need for Skillfluence and ultimately, what she hopes that Skillfluence can do for both the academic and industrial sectors, as well as the RDP community.

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