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5 Reasons Why Researchers Love Creativity@Home

We often talk about the benefits of creativity@home for the research project itself, which can be significant.  But, we sometimes forget that the biggest benefits are for the participants.  In this short blog post, we wanted to take a moment to remember it’s about the people as much as the project.

Here are the top 5 reasons researchers love getting involved in creativity@home projects. 

1. Get Prepped: In many cases, creativity@home projects are mini versions of idea labs or sandpits.  Idea labs and sandpits often have significant research money up for grabs.  To thrive in these settings, researchers require the ability to work quickly, creatively and collaboratively.  While creativity@home projects don’t lead to funding, they give participants a great chance to hone the skills they will need to succeed in sandpits in labs when big money is at stake.

2. Get Real: In most cases, creativity@home projects are built around real research problems.  This means researchers can use the learning and collective brainpower of the group to generate new ideas and directions for their research.  Researchers love the process because it can be a great way to get “unstuck” and jump starting their thought process.

3.  It’s Safe:  Creativity@home projects almost always have an element of learning and applying creative thinking skills, most often in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary setting.  The environment Is always “safe” allowing participants to freely share and discuss ideas which may be more difficult to do in the traditional day to day setting.

4.  Surrounded by Brilliance:  The collective brainpower that comes together for creativity@home projects is nothing short of impressive.  Participants get the opportunity to share what they know and learn from their peers, each with their own areas of expertise, knowledge and wisdom. 

5.  It’s Fun: Participants get to work on interesting challenges, with brilliant people, in an energetic, yet relaxed setting. Sounds fun to us!  

So, if you’re a researcher and this ticks your boxes, make sure to seek out an opportunity to get involved in a creativity@home project or build one into your next grant proposal.   

For more information on how Skillfluence can help plan and run your next creativity@home project, contact us at 

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