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Connecting with Industry – Hearing from Learners.

As discussed previously, Connecting with Industry is our flagship programme that aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia by teaching tools and techniques that help researchers understand how they can present themselves to work in and with industry.

Participants are asked to fill out a satisfaction survey at the end of each course. This helps us gauge what researchers enjoy most about our course and if there are any improvements that can be made.

We’ve been looking through these surveys and are really proud of the results that we have achieved. From our 10 most recent programme responses we have really positive feedback proving to us that our training courses are having an impact on our learners.


Our Survey Says…

Over 99% of respondents said that Connecting with Industry was relevant to them. Additionally, it was described as ‘very relevant’ or ‘extremely relevant’ by 61% and 18% of respondents respectively. This reflects the time and research that was put into designing the programme. We listened to hundreds of researchers, asking them what they wanted to know. This approach has paid off with almost all participants finding that the content applied to them.

[Connecting with Industry] will open your eyes to many valuable insights that you cannot find in books, conferences and published papers.”

Ahemd, Brunel University London


Along with relevancy, it was important we created something to be useful in real life situations. 73% of course participants had used the tools and techniques learned from Connecting with Industry in their own situations. This is not just a course that shares some abstract concepts and buzzwords. What is taught on our course can be, and is, used in real world circumstances.


Overall, Connecting with Industry was given an average of 8.4 out of 10 when respondents were asked to rate the course. Achieving such a high score across 10 different cohorts in 10 different institutions shows that the programme can be applied to researchers in any discipline. We have run the course for students at all stages of their PhD programmes and early career researchers, all of whom have found the course valuable.

“A very insightful and useful programme. All elements are well designed and delivered. I would definitely recommend it to every PhD/ECR.”

Yi Qu, Northumbria University


We’re Constantly Evolving

Overall, our feedback is very positive. However, we are always looking for ways to improve our course and the experience of our learners. Over the years we have updated the course to reflect the needs of our clients and course participants. The course was first designed for face-to-face teaching. Based on feedback we were designing a blended course when the pandemic arrived, and we were nudged a bit faster into a fully online programme. Since moving to a fully online course, we have noticed attendance and retention of participants across the 6 weeks has increase.

Connecting with Industry is one of our most popular training programmes. We have run it several times and have evolved the course as it has required. The participant survey feed back shows our approach is very well received amongst researchers and is impacting their interactions. As we continue to run this course, we will continue to listen to the feedback of our clients and participants. We will always strive to provide the very best, most relevant and useful training for our learners.



Before You Go…

If you are interested in having Skillfluence run Connecting with Industry, or any of our other courses at your institutions, please get in touch here.


Interested in hearing more about what Skillfluence have learned from listening to our learners? Register here for our Skillfluence Insights webinar and hear what questions researchers have for industry, key skills they’d like to develop and their biggest obstacles.


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