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Response to Fair Work First Policy

Skillfluence Limited is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy. Our values, policies and initiatives underpin our commitment to ensure our employees are engaged in what we do and we work together to continue to make Skillfluence a flexible, equitable and impactful place to work. 

Skillfluence Limited is an accredited Living Wage Employer we believe that this is good for business, good for workers and good for society.  We offer meaningful work which provides a reliable income offering contracts on sensible hour-based rates. We do not use or issue zero-hour contracts and we have never had a fire and rehire process. 

We have no formal requirement to report equal pay and gender pay audits, but we do review this as a mixed gender management team with our HR Business Partner.  

Effective Voice  

Skillfluence Limited has practice in place to empower employees to have a meaningful voice in the workplace.  Mechanisms include: 

  • Individual, regular 1:1 meetings with employee/line manager. 
  • Regular team and project meetings for work streams and company values action planning. 
  • Daily 15-minute check in available to all to share priorities and request input from others. 
  • Bi-monthly online team meeting. 
  • Bi-monthly in person team meeting. 

We encourage open and transparent discussion through these channels on topics such as workload and priorities against business objectives, sharing key business performance metrics, requesting feedback from employees prior to any business or policy changes. 

Our HR Business partner is Gravitate HR, who support Skillfluence Management and employees with advice and guidance in relation to all companies policies and best practice guidance. 

Training, Development and Fulfilment 

We are a learning organisation.  We promote fulfilment at work and a feeling of belonging through engaging all our employees in staff events and individual learning programmes.  We have systems in place to tailor development opportunities to individual needs ensuring everyone benefits equally.  We are a small organisation with growth potential, so we look for opportunities to develop our employees to support them in their current and potential future roles. 


We run a fair and transparent recruitment process supported by our HR Business Partner to provide objectivity and ensure we take a skills-based approach to hire candidates through fair assessment.  We actively seek opportunities to ensure hiring managers are supported to embody EDI principles from design of role, advertising language, recruitment process and feedback stages. 


All employees are entitled to a working environment which is free from bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation. Staff are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity at work and have a personal responsibility for ensuring that they treat others with the way they would expect to be treated themselves.  We take all allegations of such conduct very seriously and any complaint of this nature will be dealt with in accordance with our disciplinary procedure.  These messages are clear from induction onwards and are available for reference in the Employee Handbook. 


We have a Flexible Working Policy that underpins our management practice towards being a flexible employer. It allows for employees to present requests from day 1 (an enhancement from statutory minimums). We support time off in lieu (TOIL) where appropriate as well as flexible work hours in alignment with business need.

Skillfluence has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge. Making a commitment to the Pledge promotes fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation in Scotland, which in turn creates greater economic success and sustainable, inclusive growth. It’s good for business and good for Scotland.

Version review and publication: September 2023

Review date: September 2024

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