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To help us provide you with the best programme fit for your situation, we recommend a short introductory call.  During the call we will learn about your needs and share more about our approach. Following the call we will provide you with a clear recommendation.  Please complete the form to the right to setup a call with Dr Rachel Clark or Zach Sorrells.

Dr Rachel Clark


Rachel is the Chief Operating Officer at Skillfluence and is leading the KE and Impact agenda.  Rachel has a research background and 15 years Professional Services experience working at the University of Strathclyde before joining Skillfluence in April 2020.  In that time Rachel has worked with Researcher Development teams, led KE and Innovation events that brought external organisations into the University and worked as the Skills Manager in the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre.

Zach Sorrells

CTO and Lead Programme Designer

Zach is the Head of Programme Development at Skillfluence and leads the design and development of Skillfluence’s programmes.  He has more than 22 years’ experience developing and delivering impactful skills development and change programmes for Universities, Multi-nationals and Economic Development Agencies in the UK, US, Canada and Europe. He’s designed KE & Impact focused programmes that have been delivered to more than 18,000 researchers and academics across 80 universities and has personally trained more than 3,000 university researchers.

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