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Our ACCELERATE programmes are extended programmes working with individuals and teams who are working towards commercialising their research or growing their start-up or spinout. The different accelerate programmes consist of a range of different activities including online workshops, self-study elements, coaching, group sessions and more.

We have 3 flagship ACCELERATE Programmes:

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Research Commercialisation Accelerator, Future Innovators and Connecting with Industry

Future Innovators

Future Innovators is an interactive online programme that equips researchers with the tools, skills and confidence to help them lead, facilitate and enable innovation. Participants learn how to clearly define problems, create a large volume of possible solutions, select top ideas, reduce risk, test assumptions and present ideas clearly and concisely to gain buy-in.

The programme is organised into 6 modules, typically run on weekly cycles over 6 weeks. Each module includes self-study elements, a live online workshop with peers, application activities and a “Conversation with Innovators” session. Below is an overview of the key topic areas covered in the programme.


Explore why innovation is critical to long term success for companies, organisations and individuals.  Discover a structured approach to innovation and understand the key challenges and opportunities at each stage.  This creates a strong foundation for the rest of the programme. 


Increase your ability to generate high quality ideas by learning tools and techniques. These can be widely applied – from finding solutions to everyday challenges to addressing broader societal, business and technical problems. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your new skills with peers and apply to real challenges.


Participants learn a framework for effectively communicating new ideas.  This communication framework helps participants develop “seed ideas” into more complete opportunities.  These ideas include the key elements required in order to be reviewed, discussed and evaluated objectively.


Learn how to develop clear and impactful communication that articulates to business and industry how you can add value. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and motivated to pro-actively engage with industry and businesses.


You’re provided with a roadmap for how to become recognised by industry as an “expert”. Learn to take a strategic approach to presenting yourself to industry and identify specific actions to establish expert status in the mind of industry.


Apply a framework for thinking strategically about growing and nurturing professional relationships. Consider your goals and develop a plan to pro-actively develop relationships in a way that helps you deliver greater impact.

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